måndag 7 mars 2011

Triops: Day one!

I never thought they would hatch, but they did. And it is awesome. The process was quite hard I believe, at least for kids (which I think this product was aimed for).

So what was needed?

1. Some kind of tank. I used a large 3 litre glass jar.
2. Distilled water. You can get it pretty much everywhere. It's called "battery water" where I live.
3. Lamp to give them light and heat.
4. Some kind of thermometer. The ideal temperature for these "animals" are around 22-25 Celsius.
3. Triop eggs.

Mix everything together and wait...

Here's the setup btw:

After roughly 2 days I started to see movement. They were like tiny grains or jerky sand corns. Almost impossible to capture on photo as I don't have a macro lens, but this should give you an idea of how they look like. (yes it is that blurry thing in the middle)

I've heard that they grow fast. Can't wait to see how big they are tomorow.

fredag 4 mars 2011

Long Pause.

Ouch almost a month has gone since my last update. That is not good. 
Anyhow might as well tell what I've done during the ~30 days that has passed. 

I bought a book called "The Man in The High Castle" by Philip K Dick, which at the moment (page 100) is damn interesting. The book takes place in the States. However there is a twist. Namely that the US and its allies lost the second world war. This book follows several characters a few years after the war. Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy has now divided the world between them and are ruling it with iron fists (?). This book is very clever and quite deep for being a "science fiction" novel. I haven't finished it yet, but I suggest that you all go read it. 

I am still trying to play "Cliffs of Dover", but the process is slow. I haven't had time to play that much really. Still slow and sloppy fingers. 

I bought this thing called Triassic Triops, which basically are some kind of dried shrimp eggs that you put into water. It is supposed to look this awesome after a 20-30 days : 
It says "From ages 7+" on the package. Hmm, I might be a little bit old for this, but hey it looks cool. (Let's say I bought them for my sister)

And some more stuff that I can't bother to write at the moment. 
Seeya later!