onsdag 2 februari 2011

A late night update.

Just wanted to give you or the future readers an update of what I'm doing now. As I said I wanted to master the amazing solo "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnsson. So far I've given up on the introduction and moved to the so called "hook" riff. The tabulature is actually quite easy and I've managed to get the "tune". However it's still quite stiff. Here is a video of the riff I'm speaking about (not me playing it)

Also pinky finger hurts like hell after playing, but I'm noticing think skin building up already. So that's good :)
Hear from you later.

Some project.

I've recently started to play the guitar again. It has been a long time since I last played and I've almost forgot everything. All I can do now is some stupid chords and scales. 
But I'm feeling that more and more of the "skills" I had before are coming back. I've set up a pretty ridiculous goal. And that's to learn "Cliffs of Dover". 

Hm, this will take some time.